The programming for Monday first round action includes 64 matches, 32 each for Boys and Girls. This is a heavy scheduling load of 8 matches per court starting at 8:30am. This order of play includes the 3 night matches at Stadium Court, although some of the outer courts saw action until 9pm as well.

Results went largely by the book with better ranked players besting those of lower rank in most cases, 28 out of 32 in Boys and 24 of 32 in Girls. This is normal for the first round as seeded players encounter lesser ranked opponents, including the 8 qualifiers in each draw. All Boys seeds progressed to the second round, as did 14 of 16 Girls seeds. In the Boys draw 28 matches went down in straight sets with only 4 matches decided in 3. The Girls draw saw only 1 match go the distance to 3 sets.

There are some notable players to watch. In the Boys draw No. 1 seed Dali BLANCH (USA) looks strong as do the Brazilean players (RODRIGUEZ, LOUREIRO, OLIVEIRA, BOSCARDIN) who are heavy hitters and physically big. Mexican Rafael DE ALBA VALDES, repeating this year, is also highly talented. Unseeded 16 year old Leo BORG (SWE), son of the legendary Bjorn, has done well and moved up 100 points in the ranking in December 2019. Unseeded wild card JC Roddick ranked 869, nephew of Andy, surprised Thibault VERDIER of France ranked 327.  

In the Girls singles, the Mexican duo of top seed Julia GARCIA and Alejandra CRUZ (seeded 5) are strong contenders along with the Belgian pair of Tilwith DI GIROLAMI and Amelie VAN IMPE (seeded 4 and 6). Tara MALIK (USA) in her third Copa seeded no. 2 is also a major threat. In first round upsets Jaeden BROWN of USA surprised no. 3 seed Lauren ANZALOTTA of Puerto Rico, as did Melisa ERCAN of Turkey over no. 14 seed Danielle TUHTEN of Canada.  

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