Alejandro PIEDRA (CRC)
The 54th Copa del Café opening day was played under uncomfortably windy conditions throughout the day and threat of light rain during the early evening hours. But junior players are resilient and battled the elements to complete first round Boys and Girls play.

In the Boys draw 23 of 32 matches went by the book where better seeded players prevailed, including seeds 1 HILDERBRAND – USA, 2 NANDA – USA, and 3 ALVES – BRA. But there were several surprises as well. Most notably unseeded and unranked Adam NEFF of USA eliminated no. 4 seed Joao FERREIRA of Brasil ranked no. 76 in the world. NEFF is a strong player who sat out last year due to injuries and came in as a wild card to reclaim his place in the rankings.

But the most pleasant surprise of the first round, at least for local fans, was posted in the last match of the day during night play as Alejandro PIEDRA of CRC, also unranked, took down Canadian Christopher Heck who came in from the Qualy. PIEDRA was the last Costa Rican player and will face American Ronan JACHUCK in the second round.

The Girls draw also saw more than the usual first round surprises with 8 upsets. Twelve of the 16 seeds go on to the second round but no. 3 Maria Gabriela RIVERA of Guatemala was ousted by Mackenzie CLARK of USA in a tough match on Stadium Court by a score of 7-6, 4-6, 7-6. Another memorable score was posted by Charlotte OWENSBY of USA ranked 644 over no. 8 seed Ana GELLER of Argentina ranked 140. No. 1 seed Maria Camila OSORIO of Colombia and Vanessa ONG of USA cruised into round 2. No local girls made it into the second round.

Tuesday play will feature second round Boys and Girls action during the morning and first round doubles for both draws, with 61 matches scheduled (3 byes in Girls Doubles).

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Saturday, 20 / 1 / 2018
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Govind NANDA
Tyler ZINK [1]
Keenan MAYO
Night Play - Tickets
5:30pm USA
Shelly YALOZ
6:30pm COL Maria Camila OSORIO [1]
  USA Lea MA [7]
8:00pm USA Keenan MAYO [7]
  FRA Harold MAYOT
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