The 54th Copa del Café is now underway. Well, at least the Qualy is underway. A full 32 player Boys´ Qualy started 13 January 2018, continuing tomorrow with 8 matches. All seeded players advance to the second round. The Girls´ Qualy features only 12 players with 4 byes as the top 4 go directly into the Main Draw along with winners of the 4 matches today.

The Main Draws commence early Monday January 15 with the usually strong cast of players for both Boys and Girls Draws. At the 18 December 2017 registration deadline, the Copa had 187 Boys signed up and 143 Girls. Comparing with figures from prior years, the numbers are: 
                                2014             2015              2016             2017             2018   
                           Boys  Girls    Boys  Girls    Boys  Girls    Boys  Girls    Boys  Girls
 Registered          175    143     157    130      225    155     198    155      187   143  
 Ranking #46       383    307     417    444      251     259     274    297     312   307

The 2018 edition of the Copa features many top ranked players in both Main Draws. On the Boys side the 54th Copa features 7 top 100 players and 24 in the top 200. In the Girls draw the numbers are 8 and 17 respectively. But the rankings don´t always tell the whole story. Sometimes very talented players do not play as many tournaments as others and are under ranked and capable of surprises in the draw.  The 2018 Copa will see many familiar faces as many top seeds return. Of the players registered for this 54th edition, 38% of Boys and 46% of Girls registered for 2017 as well.

We invite you to join us at the Costa Rica Country Club during the day or for night play, or by following our television and live stream coverage, for some of the world´s best junior tennis.

2018 Tournament Commentary

Results & Replays

2018 Coffee Bowl Finalists

Saturday, 20 / 1 / 2018
Time   Player

Govind NANDA
Tyler ZINK [1]
Keenan MAYO
Night Play - Tickets
5:30pm USA
Shelly YALOZ
6:30pm COL Maria Camila OSORIO [1]
  USA Lea MA [7]
8:00pm USA Keenan MAYO [7]
  FRA Harold MAYOT
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