On Friday 1 January 2016, the Tournament Committee and Referee finalized the player lists for both Boys and Girls Qualification Tournaments and drew up the Qualifying Draws. The 52nd Copa del Café is now officially underway.

The Boys Qualy is a full 32 player draw as 8 disappointed Alternates were left behind, unable to get in as 40 players and wild cards competed for the 32 slots. The ranking for the Qualifying Draw no. 1 seed Kyrylo TSYGURA of USA is 544.

The Girls Qualy was not filled as only 23 players presented themselves for the January 1 sign in. This leaves 9 byes within the draw. No. 1 seed is Cheyenne LILIENTHAL of USA, ranked 856 on the ITF listing.

Stadium Night Play

Thursday, 18 / 1 / 2018
Time   Player
5:30pm USA Tyler ZINK [6]
  BRA Mateus ALVES [3]
6:30pm COL Maria Camila OSORIO [1]
  USA Chloe BECK [5]
8:00pm USA Trey HILDERBRAND [1]
  USA Brandon NAKASHIMA [8]
Mercado De Valores
LIVE TV Stream Live Broadcast 10:00AM & 5:30PM


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