Registration for the 52nd Copa del Café in January 2016 closed on 8 December with a record number of players signing up and a record strong field. The numbers are as follows, compared with figures for 2014 and 2015:

The number of players registered increased significantly this year, along with the player rankings. The ranking at position 46 is important; it is the last player into the Main Draw with a Direct Acceptance and the ranking at this position is indicative of the overall strength of the field. This means great tennis ahead from the first round of play.

The 2016 Copa will see many familiar faces as both number 1 seeds were finalists in 2015 and many players return. Overall the Copa registrations indicate a 25% return rate of players on the Boys side, and 23% for the Girls.

In the days ahead many withdrawals are anticipated as the field will naturally be whittled down near the limit of 88 slots available between the Main Draw and Qualy.
  2014 2015 2016
  Boys | Girls Boys | Girls Boys | Girls
Players registered 175 | 143 157 | 130 225 | 155
Ranking at position 46 383 | 307 417 | 444 251 | 259

Stadium Night Play

Thursday, 18 / 1 / 2018
Time   Player
5:30pm USA Tyler ZINK [6]
  BRA Mateus ALVES [3]
6:30pm COL Maria Camila OSORIO [1]
  USA Chloe BECK [5]
8:00pm USA Trey HILDERBRAND [1]
  USA Brandon NAKASHIMA [8]
Mercado De Valores
LIVE TV Stream Live Broadcast 10:00AM & 5:30PM


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