Third round singles action was played under improved weather conditions with breezy rather than windy conditions and temperatures in the range of 24 degrees Celsius. All U18 action took place at the 6 Main Courts of the Costa Rica Country Club as the 4 west side courts were dedicated to the U14 tournament for the remainder of the Copa.

In the Boys Singles Draw the top half is wide open as no. 1 seed Sora FUKUDA of Japan was upset by Sami KIRBERG of USA in 2 sets, 6-3, 7-6. KIRBERG played well and was able to put the match away in spite of FUKUDA's late second set comeback bid. The top half of the draw going into the quarterfinals includes no. 5 seed Casper RUUD of Norway, 16th seed Yshai OLIEL of Israel, and 2 unseeded players, KIRBERG, and Michael GENENDER of USA. The bottom half of the draw includes strong players:  KECMANOVIC of Serbia seeded 2, BLANCH and REINBERG of USA seeded 4 and 7, and upstart unseeded Maxime MORA of France who pulled off a brilliant win in night play over the tough Oscar JANGLIN of Sweden in three tough sets. The road to the semifinals will be difficult.

The Girls Singles Draw third round was surprisingly lopsided with all straight set results. Seven of eight quarterfinalists are seeded and all seeds won in accordance with respective rankings. The lone unseeded player is Jaclyn SWITKES of USA ranked 1246 who bested fellow American Meible CHI ranked 1050. CHI has made a valiant run as she participated in two major upsets and both girls will see their rankings improve considerably as the result of this tournament.

  The Boys Doubles second round matches were all 2 set affairs, and the Draw will see an unseeded team in semifinals as 2 unseeded duos have taken the top 2 of 8 slots. All other boys' doubles teams are seeded, indicating lively semifinal matches in the third round. Girls Doubles second round matches saw 6 seeded and 2 unseeded teams advancing, 7 of these contests in straight sets. These seeded teams include the first 5 so that results have been largely by the book, with tough battles to come to get into the semifinals.

2018 Tournament Commentary

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2018 Coffee Bowl Finalists

Saturday, 20 / 1 / 2018
Time   Player

Govind NANDA
Tyler ZINK [1]
Keenan MAYO
Night Play - Tickets
5:30pm USA
Shelly YALOZ
6:30pm COL Maria Camila OSORIO [1]
  USA Lea MA [7]
8:00pm USA Keenan MAYO [7]
  FRA Harold MAYOT
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