The cruelty of a tennis draw has manifested itself with the first day elimination of half the players in each Main Draw. Fortunately for most of these losing players, there is still the doubles, starting this afternoon. Operationally, first round results are a burden for the Organizing Committee with 64 matches to be played on 10 courts. In both Boys and Girls action the vast majority of matches were 2 set affairs, which helped achieve the needed court turnover and complete the schedule of play in daylight hours. The only unfortunate aspect of Monday's play was the blustery winds which hampered finely tuned ground strokes. 32 First Round Boys' matches went true to form as 14 of 16 seeds sailed into the next round. Only 4 of these matches went to 3 sets and in almost all cases the better ranked player prevailed over the lesser ranked, as is to be expected. But many of these were not easy and the significant variances in ranking appeared to be on paper, and not on court. The biggest surprise was perhaps American Nathan PERRONE's (ranked 335) defeat of the no. 3 seed Marcelo BARRIOS VERA from Chile, ranked no. 93. 

The 32 First Round Girls matches also went by the book with only one seeded player falling, and only 3 of 32 matches going to 3 sets. No. 5 seed Emily ARBUTHNOTT of Britain, ranked 95, played in one of these as a feisty Mimi LEVINE of USA, ranked 447, battled to a tough third set, with the Brit taking the match by a 6-7(1), 6-0, 7-5 score. Perhaps the greatest surprise of the day was Meible CHI of USA, ranked 1050, taking down no. 7 seed and 117 ranked Thaisa PEDRETTI of Brazil 6-3, 6-2. To the delight of local partisans, 3 Costa Rican Girls made it to the second round: Tania AIZENMAN, Sofia PEREZ, and Eugenia CAMACHO.

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2018 Coffee Bowl Finalists

Saturday, 20 / 1 / 2018
Time   Player

Govind NANDA
Tyler ZINK [1]
Keenan MAYO
Night Play - Tickets
5:30pm USA
Shelly YALOZ
6:30pm COL Maria Camila OSORIO [1]
  USA Lea MA [7]
8:00pm USA Keenan MAYO [7]
  FRA Harold MAYOT
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