Day 2 at the Copa del Café 2013 covers round 2 of Boys and Girls singles and initiates night play. Tuesday also includes the start of doubles in afternoon action to complete a hectic day of scheduling. Doubles action includes a full complement of 32 matches on the Boys’ side, and 30 matches on the Girls’ side.

Top seeds Nikola MILOJEVIC of Serbia (ranked 8 on the ITF world listing) and Franko MIOCIC of Croatia (ranked 57) will both have night duty, squaring off, respectively, against Jose Pablo GIL, the top Costa Rican in the draw and ranked 489, and Luke GAMBLE of USA (ranked 383) but a Tico at heart since he lives with his family in Costa Rica.

The upsets continue on the Boys’ side with four more seeded players falling to unseeded players (HOLM of Denmark downing No.9 MEDINILLA of Mexico, NUNEZ FELIX of Mexico defeating No. 13 PEDRAZA of Colombia, ARCONADA of Argentina beating No. 11 SENDEGEYA of Britain, and Canadian MYLNIKOV besting No. 5 GOMEZ of Mexico). As a result, only 6 seeded players remain in the Boys’ Main Draw, including the top four seeds.

Girls’ play has been much more true to rankings with most seeded players advancing through the second round. Only three seeded players have been eliminated: ARCONADA of USA (and sister of Jordi who plays for Argentina on the Boys’ side) defeated Marika AKKERMAN of Canada seeded 16, Rianna VALDES of USA prevailed over Camila FUENTES of USA seeded 15, and Britt GEUKENS of Belgium got past Johnisse RENAUD of USA seeded 13. Girls’ singles round three action will thereby feature almost all seeded player matchings in what we anticipate to be hard fought battles.

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Saturday, 20 / 1 / 2018
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Govind NANDA
Tyler ZINK [1]
Keenan MAYO
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5:30pm USA
Shelly YALOZ
6:30pm COL Maria Camila OSORIO [1]
  USA Lea MA [7]
8:00pm USA Keenan MAYO [7]
  FRA Harold MAYOT
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